Surfing to Sustainability

A lab in San Deigo California is coming up with a way to keep our blue planet a little bluer by creating surfboards out of algae. Surfing is an activity that millions of people partake in every year without thinking that it might have a negative impact on the environment. One scientist, Steve Mayfield, is taking just that environmental impact into consideration.

Steve Mayfield is part of an agency called Sustainable Surf, whose intends to use recycled polystyrene in a campaign called Waste to Waves. By taking recycled polystyrene foamĀ and re-purposing it, cores for surfboards can be produced. These recycled polystyrene surfboards are making an impact on the environment in a more beneficial manner than the Hawaii foam ban that has been proposed.

Each day, individuals throw away multiple sources of polystyrene without thinking about it: a plastic fork, a coffee cup from your favorite coffee chain, the packing materials used in shipping. Polystyrene is a material that we are used to in our every days lives, but we never think of how it might be re-purposed. More than that, however, is the fact that we don’t think about the impact that it might make to the environment by using the product in a recycled manner to keep landfills clear and the ocean clean from waste that is thrown into the blue waters.

Steve Mayfield and Sustainable Surf have thought about this. With these recycled foam boards in tandem with the Algae boards that are being created by Sustainable Surf, there is an impact in the ocean and in the world.

Hawaii foam boards and algae boards alike will be giving the ocean a cause to breathe a sigh of relief with environmentally conscious individuals like Steve Mayfield using their influence and intellect to put out boards that are good for the environment.

The people at Sustainable Surf have the intention of turning surfing into the prime example of sustainable living with both their recycled boards and their boards created from something that has come from the ocean itself. All that it takes is a few individuals who care and a little determination to make the world a brighter, greener place.