Post-Game Work

Post-Game Work

Every wonder where some of these football players ended up after leaving the NFL?  Here are some of the most interesting examples of what happens to players once they leave the gridiron behind.

Peter Boulware

This Raven’s defensive player went from defending the QB to defending Florida.  In 2008, Boulware ran as the Republican candidate for the Florida state house.  Although Boulware lost, he was given a position on the Florida Board of Education.  His interest in children’s welfare extends beyond education and has hosted numerous charitable activities for kids, and is a board member of U Maryland’s Medical Children’s Hospital.

Terry Bradshaw

This one is a familiar face, and is usually found on TV on Football Season Sundays.  He’s also done a little acting on the side such as in the Matthew McConaughey rom-com Failure to Launch, and he played a version of himself on FX’s fantasy football-comedy The League.  Bradshaw is a Hall of Famer who spent his 13-year career playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

John Frank

Not many would think that after playing football one becomes a doctor, but don’t tell that to this Super Bowl 23 champ (yes that is the one Montana one in the last minutes of the game).  Frank studied medicine while playing for the San Francisco 49ers.  He retired after the Super Bowl victory and earned an MD in 1992.  He is now a board certified ENT with a hair-restoration practice in New York City.

Than Merrill

This guy has been everywhere.  After getting drafted to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2001, he went on to play ball in Europe.  Afterwards Merrill, a Yale grad, went into real estate in 2004.  Merrill has become a bit of a household name with his three-season appearance on A & E’s reality series Flip This House, he also runs the popular real estate training course FortuneBuilders (learn more about Than Merrill CEO of Fortunebuilders).

Tony Siragusa

Goose, is alive and well.  This legendary defensive player does a little bit of everything: he acts (he’s been on the Sopranos), he hosts TV shows, he analyzes football, he is the spokesman for Depends for Men, and is a part owner of the popular New Jersey restaurant Tiffany’s.