March Madness: Who Will Play in the Final Four?

March Madness: Who Will Play in the Final Four?

There is always some form of uncertainty when picking the top four for the NCAA March Madness Tournament. Some teams will make the cut and others won’t. Some teams will make the cut that you never even thought would have a chance. Sometimes it all comes down to those final moments. And when those final moments happen, certain teams do surprise you.

So who will be the top picks for the NCAA March Madness Tournament? Well for one, Florida States is being headlined to be in the top billing. According to many experts, the Gators are on the list to take home all the winnings this year. This is according to at least 13 different experts. These experts watch these games more than any other person, so they should at least have some idea.

Michigan State is another one that is pegged to take home the gold. Michigan came in at number 8, just under the Florida Gators. If you watch ESPN at all, you will find that these guys love their Michigan State. When looking at the top five brackets, about four of them have the Michigan Spartans taking home the gold this year.

The third team that is predicted to turn things around is Kansas. When looking at the charts, you will find that about 3 experts have picked them. Some have even predicted that Kansas will beat even teams like Wichita State and Creighton. They have them even beating Arizona. And Arizona was the last team to make the cut on the list.

The fourth one predicted to do well is Louisville. And again, Louisville has about 3 rooting for them, same as Kansas. One expert has predicted that this team will win over others such as Florida State, Kansas and Michigan State. Two of these experts came from CBS sports and one came from USA Today.

Coming in a close 5th and 6th places are Wichita State and Arizona. Now these two may not have garnered much recognition, but they are still worth the mention. Two experts have Wichita winning over Kansas and Michigan State. One expert has Arizona winning over Michigan State.

Either way you look at things it’s going to be a good game. If you are into watching sports, like most of you are, you might just be watching a really good bloodbath. But that’s what makes the game more exciting, isn’t it?