Foam Bans Don’t Make Sense

Foam bans have never made sense because they do not address the issues in the production industry that are causing real problems in the world today. The foams that people use to make products are not the problem. The problem is the fact that people will not recognize how much damage is done when recycling is not in place in communities around America. Every community that is willing to make changes by going with recycling will not have to ban foam because the process will help keep foam out of landfills.

The recycling centers that move into these communities are going to help everyone, and like the foam ban in New York, the bans will no longer be necessary. Anyone who is gravely concerned about foam must remember that a recycling center can handle all the foam that is produced, and it is going to account for any company that would not abide by the foam ban in the first place.

There are lots of companies that would never stop using foam to make their products, and it is better for these companies to have a way to make their products while communities are making the other changes that are needed. These communities have to invite in someone who is going to build a recycling center, and the center is going to handle all the foam so that the community does not have to. This is a very basic way of making sure that the foam is off the streets, and it gives money back to the community at the same time.

The recycling center is going to pay for all the products they recycle, and the community is going to make money when they turn in the recyclables. The center is going to employ people who need jobs, and those people are going to have money to spend in the community in the future. Everyone is going to win with a plan like this, and it is going to make it much easier for these places to stay clean. A community that wants to ban foam can get a lot more done by inviting a recycler who is going to do most of the work on behalf of the community. This means that everyone is going to see some kind of benefit, and this is going to allow everyone to have a say in what is thrown out because foam bans never worked, but recycling does.