Centennial Resource Production Purchased By Silver Run

Silver Run Acquisition Corporation has purchased Centennial Resource Production in a massive deal that brings together multiple corporations who focus on the investment industry. Investing is a broad practice that may be used in several different locations around America. Building an investment business is quite a difficult process, but investors who are spending in the proper locations will find great success. This article is a story of an acquisition that brings two companies together for the good of their shareholders.

#1: The Merger Is Healthy For Both Companies

Silver Run and Centennial Resource Production may work together on investment projects that are healthy for their clientele. Clients who are investing with both companies may become involved in yet larger projects that will help build their businesses through investment. Any company in America may approach the new corporation for aid with investing, and they benefit quite a lot as they ensure their future with an investment that holds their cash for future use.

#2: Who Benefits From Investment?

Companies and individuals may place their money in developing products that will grow over the course of many years, and the investor may pull their money out when they please. It is quite exciting for a business to investment in new products, and they will uncover methods for investment that are foreign to them. Choosing investment options is quite difficult when a business is not working the industry every day.

#3: Where Does the New Company Plan to Work?

Riverstone Holdings is a partner in the deal who will ensure Silver Run is managed properly. Their company will take over 51% of Silver Run in the deal, and they will continue management of both companies after the merger. Riverstone wishes to grown its own brand with names that make their business more approachable. They believe their stake in Silver Run makes their company more valuable, and they may use said value for future business deals. Riverstone is headed by founders David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre.

The merger of two lovely companies now places Riverstone Holdings in a fine position. They have picked up two wonderful companies who will enhance their investment practices, and they will earn more profit every year as they lean on Silver Run and Centennial Resource Production. Every worker within each company joins a family of businesses that is powerful in every respect. They are building a new America through the art of conservative investment, monetary strategy and wealth production.