Be Like Glue and Stick To Your Career

No longer is the paradigm of finding a successful “job” a current idea, but the new thought is to finding a successful career. A career is an investment into one’s own existence. An existence is based on one’s own likes and dislikes; and your success is support by your skills, talents, and education. Consequently, each person needs to ponder exactly what is meant by having a successful career. Does a successful career mean making lots of money working in hedge funds, or does it mean service oriented careers as in the medical field; maybe animal protection is what makes your heart flutter, so maybe your career would be an animal rescue and blogger career.

Now some people know right off the bat what they want their life to be about, such as an entertainer. Somehow these people know at an early age that being a showboat is what puts zest into their lives. However, what about all the rest of us that do not know what make a life full of satisfaction. Well, there are a few proven tips that help one cultivate a successful career and here they are:

  1. Make your career based on the things you naturally like to do.
  2. Map out your career; don’t count on anyone else to do it for you.
  3. A career can be what you decide it to be, and it doesn’t need a label.
  4. Make a commitment to yourself to stick with your career, even if everyone else says give up. (In other words just show up; 90% of life is just showing up).

List item number four, is the best advice anyone can share with a person seeking career fulfillment. Just show up, just do what you naturally like to do and be active in the process. For an example, if protecting animals is what makes you happy, by all means start protecting animals. Write letters to legislators; be the person who volunteers at animal shelters. Do feed feral cats. Make your career one action at a time, and respond to local newspapers. Be an animal rights blogger. You ask for work, or volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary, local zoo, or a veterinarian’s office

David Leuschen gave a speech at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, in Hanover, NH and he said the same thing as item number 4 listed above. He said choose a career and stay with it. He should know; because, he has made his career a success. He is the Founder and Executive Officer of Riverstone Holdings; so be like glue and stick to your career.