From the Field to the Fire: A Journey from the NFL to Real Estate

From the Field to the Fire: A Journey from the NFL to Real Estate

Tackling the world of real estate is the perfect touchdown for some former NFL players. Real estate involves some of the same principles as being an NFL player: the ability to strategize, researching what works best, dedication and scoring. Some former players have shown success in the transition from the field to the office. Most claim competition helped them succeed on and off the field.

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach hit the world of real estate in 1977. Staubach actually began the venture into real estate while he was still throwing touchdowns. He did it on the side as a way to earn additional income for his growing family. Staubach first began with the Henry S. Miller Co. Eventually he branched out to start his own commercial real estate company, The Staubach Co. which has now gone global.

Bret Lockett graduated from a school outside Los Angeles then attended four years at UCLA before landing a spot on the New England Patriots. His NFL career was short-lived after a series of injuries. He last played for the New York Jets before starting at the bottom of the ladder, an unknown place for Lockett. Lockett joined Douglas Elliman, the nation’s fourth largest real estate company. He now sells high end real estate in the Los Angeles and New York area.

Than Merrill quickly went from the NFL to real estate after a one year stint with the Chicago Bears. He hit it big with landing on the popular television show “Flip this House”. On it, Merrill and his team of real estate investors

Chris Port stepped off the field in the 1990s after playing for the New Orleans Saints. He joined one of the biggest real estate firms in the nation, CB Richard Ellis in he asset services division in Atlanta. He knew all about competition from going against some of the toughest on the field, and was now facing off in the comercial real estate market. Port quickly used this to his advantage getting involved with million dollar transactions right off the bat.