Post-Game Work

Every wonder where some of these football players ended up after leaving the NFL?  Here are some of the most interesting examples of what happens to players once they leave the gridiron behind.

Peter Boulware

This Raven’s defensive player went from defending the QB to defending Florida.  In 2008, Boulware ran as the Republican candidate for the Florida state house.  Although Boulware lost, he was given a position on the Florida Board of Education.  His interest in children’s welfare extends beyond education and has hosted numerous charitable activities for kids, and is a board member of U Maryland’s Medical Children’s Hospital.

Terry Bradshaw

This one is a familiar face, and is usually found on TV on Football Season Sundays.  He’s also done a little acting on the side such as in the Matthew McConaughey rom-com Failure to Launch, and he played a version of himself on FX’s fantasy football-comedy The League.  Bradshaw is a Hall of Famer who spent his 13-year career playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

John Frank

Not many would think that after playing football one becomes a doctor, but don’t tell that to this Super Bowl 23 champ (yes that is the one Montana one in the last minutes of the game).  Frank studied medicine while playing for the San Francisco 49ers.  He retired after the Super Bowl victory and earned an MD in 1992.  He is now a board certified ENT with a hair-restoration practice in New York City.

Than Merrill

This guy has been everywhere.  After getting drafted to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2001, he went on to play ball in Europe.  Afterwards Merrill, a Yale grad, went into real estate in 2004.  Merrill has become a bit of a household name with his three-season appearance on A & E’s reality series Flip This House, he also runs the popular real estate training course FortuneBuilders (learn more about Than Merrill CEO of Fortunebuilders).

Tony Siragusa

Goose, is alive and well.  This legendary defensive player does a little bit of everything: he acts (he’s been on the Sopranos), he hosts TV shows, he analyzes football, he is the spokesman for Depends for Men, and is a part owner of the popular New Jersey restaurant Tiffany’s.


2014 Sochi Olympics Ice Dancing Champions

The United States took home nine gold medals at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, including the top honor in Ice Dancing awarded to Meryl Davis and Charlie White. An Olympic event since 1976, Ice Dancing is an event that combines elements of figure skating and ballroom dancing. Elements that make Ice Dancing stand out from the seemingly similar Pairs Skating competition are the lack of throws and jumps, the importance of staying in a close dance hold, and a different emphasis on the beat of the music rather than melody.

Likely key to their success, Davis and White have been skating together since 1997, when they were just ages eight and nine. Both originally from Michigan and currently students at the University of Michigan, the pair took second at the Junior Olympics during their first year together, and have won numerous awards in the almost two decades since culminating in the top prize in their sport with the Olympic Gold.

Meryl and Charlie brought a new appreciation to their sport after the 2014 Olympics. Ice Dancing has often been mocked and had its legitimacy as a sport questioned, but the popularity of the reigning champions and the thrill of watching their Olympic glory seems to be convincing many of Ice Dancing’s rightful place on the international sporting stage. The popularity of dancing competition shows like Dancing With the Stars may also be a part of the new appeal of Ice Dancing. In fact, Davis and White sought guidance and choreography help from DWTS’s Derek Hough.

Following their Olympic win, Davis and White seem to be capitalizing on their enormous popularity and, perhaps with the goal of continuing to showcase Ice Dancing in a positive light, have signed on to compete on Season 18 of Dancing With the Stars. After 17 years of dancing together, though, the pair will be split up on the reality competition and will instead be going head to head. Many past celebrities have entered the competition with at least some dancing training or experience, though rarely in the field of ballroom, but some suggest it is particularly unfair for non-dancer celebs to compete against gold medalists Meryl and Charlie. Even those who protest the fairness, though, seem to be enthusiastic at watching these two champions – with their combination of athletic strength and graceful artistry – on their television screens each week.

March Madness: Who Will Play in the Final Four?

There is always some form of uncertainty when picking the top four for the NCAA March Madness Tournament. Some teams will make the cut and others won’t. Some teams will make the cut that you never even thought would have a chance. Sometimes it all comes down to those final moments. And when those final moments happen, certain teams do surprise you.

So who will be the top picks for the NCAA March Madness Tournament? Well for one, Florida States is being headlined to be in the top billing. According to many experts, the Gators are on the list to take home all the winnings this year. This is according to at least 13 different experts. These experts watch these games more than any other person, so they should at least have some idea.

Michigan State is another one that is pegged to take home the gold. Michigan came in at number 8, just under the Florida Gators. If you watch ESPN at all, you will find that these guys love their Michigan State. When looking at the top five brackets, about four of them have the Michigan Spartans taking home the gold this year.

The third team that is predicted to turn things around is Kansas. When looking at the charts, you will find that about 3 experts have picked them. Some have even predicted that Kansas will beat even teams like Wichita State and Creighton. They have them even beating Arizona. And Arizona was the last team to make the cut on the list.

The fourth one predicted to do well is Louisville. And again, Louisville has about 3 rooting for them, same as Kansas. One expert has predicted that this team will win over others such as Florida State, Kansas and Michigan State. Two of these experts came from CBS sports and one came from USA Today.

Coming in a close 5th and 6th places are Wichita State and Arizona. Now these two may not have garnered much recognition, but they are still worth the mention. Two experts have Wichita winning over Kansas and Michigan State. One expert has Arizona winning over Michigan State.

Either way you look at things it’s going to be a good game. If you are into watching sports, like most of you are, you might just be watching a really good bloodbath. But that’s what makes the game more exciting, isn’t it?

Blackhawks Strong After Loss of Kane

The Chicago Blackhawks have to be worried about their post season hopes, after forward, Patrick Kane went down in the second period during a game against the St. Louis Blues. Kane got tangled up in a crosscheck his teammate Sheldon Brookbank put on Brendon Marrow, and he fell to the ice. The awkward and unexpected fall caused an injury to his left leg, but Kane was able to skate off the ice, and into the locker room to get examined by team physicians. The Blackhawks were still able to win the game 4-0.

During the after game press conference the organization stated Kane is going to be out at least 3 weeks, which takes them to end of the regular season. Head Coach Joel Queneville isn’t hopeful that he will return to play any regular season games. Having Kane out is a huge loss for the Blackhawks, and teammates like Ben Smith will need to step up if the team wants to have a strong finish to their season Kane is such a dominant factor for the team, and more players will need to get into the four-line rotation.

The Blackhawks seem to be making changes to their roster, to help with the loss of their star forward. The incredibly talented 19 year old Teuvo Teravainen, who has just wrapped up his season in Finland, may be hitting the ice for the Blackhawks, and arrived in Chicago on Friday. The organization is determining when he should play, and if he will play more than 10 total games to help out the team, which would affect the terms of his rookie contract. Teravainen was the 18th pick in the 2012 NHL draft, and an ideal option for the Blackhawks.

After Kane’s injury the Blackhawks took the ice against the Hurricanes, and proved that the injury isn’t going to bring them down. The team wasn’t just plagued with Kane’s injury, but also the injury of two other forwards, and a defenseman, and still came out with the win. If Kane can heal and make the playoffs, the team will look strong and competitive in the division.

Top Performing NFL Quarterbacks of 2013

While the younger crop of NFL quarterbacks have changed much of the landscape in the NFL, the top tier quarterbacks are still dominated by the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

As the 2013 NFL season began, Aaron Rodgers was the highest paid quarterback at $22 million per year. Rodgers now has 10 NFL seasons under his belt after being selected by the Green Bay Packers as the 24th selection in the 2005 NFL draft. Rodgers is the NFL’s all-time career leader in passer rating during the regular season with a 104.9 rating and was named Super Bowl MVP for the 2010 season.

Peyton Manning has been considered by some to be the best quarterback in NFL history. While that will continue to be debated, there is no doubt that he should be part of that conversation. After missing the entire 2011 season with several neck surgeries, Manning left Indianapolis and became the signal caller for the Denver Broncos. Manning is now in his 17th NFL season and he was selected as the first pick in the NFL draft by the Indianapolis Colts. He led the Colts to eight division championships, two AFC championships and a Super Bowl championship. He currently holds the NFL record for being named NFL MVP five times.

Tom Brady was selected in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft by the New England Patriots. After an injury to then starter Drew Bledsoe in the 2001 season, Brady stepped in and led the Patriots to a Super Bowl victory that year. At that point, Brady was the youngest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl. Brady is one of only two quarterbacks to ever be named Super Bowl MVP and NFL MVP multiple times and to lead his team to five Super Bowls.

Drew Brees was selected as the first pick of the second round in the 2001 NFL draft by the San Diego Chargers. In 2004, Brees led the Charges to a 12-4 record and an AFC West championship. During the 2005 season, Brees suffered an injury, which ended his time in San Diego and led him to the starting job in New Orleans in 2006. In 2009, Brees led the Saints to their first Super Bowl and was named Super Bowl MVP. Since joining the Saints, Brees has led all NFL quarterbacks in touchdowns, passing yards and 300 yard games.

Jairus Byrd Raises the Bar as Highest Paid Safety

The 2013 NFL season saw the continued rise of the pass-first offense. As more and more teams look to move the ball downfield through the air, the safety and cornerback positions are increasingly important for opposing defenses. Perhaps that helps explain the unprecedented deal offered by the New Orleans Saints to safety Jairus Byrd.

Drafted from the University of Oregon in 2009, Jairus Byrd was most recently a safety for the Buffalo Bills. A three-time Pro Bowl selection and a two-time AFC interceptions leader, Byrd was widely considered to be one of the most coveted free agents available after the 2013 season. Despite limited salary cap space — less than $2.5 million — the New Orleans Saints considered Byrd’s signing to be a priority.

The recently inked contract amounts to 6 years and $54 million, making it the most lucrative deal ever signed by a safety. While the contract is laden with incentives, $26.3 million is guaranteed. The deal breaks down as follows: $12.3 million fully guaranteed upon signing ($11 million signing bonus and a $1.3 million base salary for the 2014 season), with an additional $14 million guaranteed in base salaries through 2016. After that, there are roster bonuses, including per-game roster bonuses, and additional incentives tied to certain benchmarks, such as Pro Bowl appearances.

Before Byrd’s signing, it was Eric Berry’s rookie contract with the Kansas City Chiefs that set the bar for the safety position. That contract, signed in 2010, has a base value of $50 million over six years. Needless to say, Byrd’s deal ups the pressure on other teams looking to sign valuable players at the increasingly important safety position. The Seahawks, whose pass defense was critical to their Super Bowl success, will likely sign safety Earl Thomas to a comparable deal in order to keep their defense intact.

Pass defense has never been more important in the NFL and it’s for this reason that the Saints made an unprecedented offer despite their problematic salary cap situation. Alongside second year safety Kenny Vaccaro, Byrd will provide numerous options for defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and the Saints could have one of the more dangerous defenses this season. After Seattle’s blistering 2013 season and their lopsided Super Bowl win, we will likely see more and more teams pour money into the safety position in an effort to have defenses that can effectively cover large portions of the field.

Gruden Hired to Coach Redskins

Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, has hired Jay Gruden as the team’s new head coach. Right after they interviewed Gruden they knew they had to act quickly. The Washington Redskins liked his enthusiasm, vision and people skills.

Jay Gruden was the offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals last year. The Redskins General Manager said that once Jay’s interview was about 75% through, they knew they wanted to hire him. The quick decision by the Redskins stopped Gruden from going to an interview with the Minnesota Vikings later in the week. Gruden got a 5-year deal from Snyder, which is longer than most first-time head coaches in the NFL. Dan Snyder gave him such a long deal so that he would be confident to get the job done right.

One of the reasons Jay Gruden took the job was so he could work closely with a quarterback like Robert Griffin III. Also, Gruden was familiar with many people within the organization. He worked with general manager, Bruce Allen in Tampa Bay for 5 years. In the past, he has also worked with 3 members of the coaching staff. Gruden is looking forward to getting started with the Redskins and he’s not bothered by all of the negativity that surrounded the team last season and for the past 15 years.

Bruce Allen thinks that he will be a good coach because he is a people person and has a broad and deep resume. He has worked every job in football and his passion is contagious. Jay also has a more accomplished and famous brother Jon, and some people think that Jay might not be ready for head coach after only 3 years as a coordinator. Others say Jay can be a good coach because his strength is to motivate and inspire players to play without getting too high or too low.

The Redskins interviewed 6 coaches before hiring Jay, but they had their eye on him the whole time. Allen already likes Gruden because they spent 5 seasons together in Tampa Bay. Allen hadn’t worked with Gruden since 2008, and he knew that he had matured since then. Overall, Gruden should be a good coach. He has what it takes to motivate his players to win games. He really has a lot of different experiences with football. Gruden is also very passionate about the game and he’s a people person. The team will like him and be inspired to play.

Four of the Best Golf Courses in the U.S.

Golfers from all over the world are looking to experience some of the most well designed courses that they can find. This could prove to be an invaluable asset for people who need to understand more about the course features. Guests should plan out how they want to spend their time on these courses. This will give them the chance that they need to test their abilities against some of the most skilled golfers in the world.

1) Pine Valley, NJ
The Pine Valley golf course has a unique design, owing to the fact that it is the only one created by George Arthur Crump. Crump was familiar with the area as a hunting ground and lent his support for the construction of a golf course. It gained fame thanks to hosting the Walked Cup, which actually provided an opportunity to match up US and UK players. It also has an exclusive clubhouse on site, which has helped people enjoy the experience here as well.

2) Cypress Point, CA
Cypress Point is one of the highest rated golf courses located on the Monterrey peninsula in California. It is a private membership club, offering guests the chance that they need to enjoy extensive employment opportunities here. Three of the holes on this course will actually give people a view of the Pacific Ocean. It was recently ranked #2 in Golf Magazine’s listing of 100 top courses throughout the world. It was once the site of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am Tournament, which lasted until 1991.

3) Augusta National, GA
Founded by Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones, Augusta has become one of the most famous courses in the world. Since 1934, it has played host to the Masters Tournament. It draws in visitors thanks to its exclusive membership and its verdant forests. The design is routinely listed among some of the most challenging in the world as well. This has helped test the skills of famous players such as Tiger Woods.

4) Shinnecock Hills, NY
As a links style golf club, there is no doubt that Shinnecock Hills is starting to draw in a lot of attention. Its golf clubhouse dates back to 1892, which may make it the oldest such club in the United States. In 2007, it was rated second by Golf Digest among the greatest golf courses in the world. This could be a great opportunity for people to experience a major piece of golfing history as well.