The best college golfers turned professional

Golf is a fun game. But it can also be a very expensive one. The cost of golf clubs, greens fees, golf shoes, training, and miscellaneous items required to develop your skills can be prohibitive for the average person. One more affordable way to get the advanced training you need is to play on your school team. If you show enough talent and potential you may even be able to earn a scholarship to play golf in college. This will give you access to great coaching, weight training, and the opportunity to play against top quality competition. Many golfers have taken this route and had success at the professional level. The experience of playing college golf helped them to find success playing professionally. The PGA, LPGA, and many other professional golfing organizations are full of golfers that had the opportunity to hone their game by playing golf in college. Not only were they able to improve their skills and get access to great facilities, college golf also helped them get accustomed to playing with the pressure of the eyes of the world on them. Some of the professional golfers that played golf include Jim Furyk, Annika Sorenstam, Lorena Ochoa, Rory Sabbatini, and Ricky Barnes from the University of Arizona. Billy Horschel, Mark Calcavecchia, and Brian Gay from the University of Florida. Oklahoma State’s Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan, Scott Verplank, Charles Howell III, and Bo Van Pelt. Georgia Tech’s Stewart Cink, Matt Kuchar, and Troy Matteson. Phil Mickelson, Paul Casey, Billy Mayfair, and Anna Nordqvist attended Arizona State. Stanford students include Tiger Woods, Michelle Wie, and Notah Begay. Wake Forest...

What clubs do the golf professionals use

Professional golfers like Phil Mickelson choose to keep a variety of golf clubs in their bags. When a beginning player compares their style of play to these professionals, and chooses the same clubs, then they may see their handicaps drop drastically. Jason Day Australian-born pro Jason Day keeps a variety of clubs from TaylorMade in his bag. He uses TaylorMade Tour Preferred Forged MC Irons, TaylorMade drivers with a nine degree angle and 47, 52 and 60 degree wedges. Jason is estimated to have a net worth of $17 million. He has made over $20 million playing pro golf at various tournaments. His most successful year to date has been 2014 where he made $3,789,574. In addition to being endorsed by TaylorMade, his endorsements include Lexus, NetJets and Concur which all pay him to endorse their products. Jordan Spieth In 2015, Jordan Spieth won the Masters with the lowest score ever recorded at Augusta. In his bag was a variety of Titleist golf clubs including 915 drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids. For his irons, he relied on Titleist AP2 clubs. It is estimated that this player is worth over $40 million. He is the third youngest player to win multiple PGA events so he has plenty of time to continue adding to his bank account. Rory McIlroy Northern Ireland native Rory McIlroy became the youngest player to ever win the United States Open in 2011. His success has continued ever since including his 2012 Honda Classic victory over Tiger Woods. In his bag are a variety of golf clubs by Nike including the Nike Vapor Pro drivers with 10.5...

Prepping for Major Golf Events

Professional golfers on the PGA Tour put in just as much work as as professional athletes in any other sport, if not even more. The most dedicated golfers play in multiple tournaments every month, which is not only grueling physically, but mentally as well. Below is a look at how some of the best golfers in the PGA prepare for their most important events. Jordan Spieth Jordan Spieth is one of the hardest working golfers on the PGA Tour. In 2015 alone, he participated in a whopping 25 tournaments. In comparison, fan favorite Rory McIlroy only participated in 12 tournaments. Playing in such a large number of events has allowed Jordan to hone his skills at the highest level. This drive and dedication undoubtedly has helped Spieth achieve such a high level of success at such a young age. His success began at just 19 years old when he beame the youngest golfer in 82 years to win a PGA Tour event. Spieth defeated defending champion Zach Johnson at the John Deere Classic, earning his first ever PGA Tour victory. With his tremendous work ethic, Jordan Spieth is primed to become one of the best golfers in recent memory. Bubba Watson Another golfer with an undeniably high work ethic is Florida native Bubba Watson. The eccentric lefty exploded onto the golf scene in 2012 when he won the Masters, following up with another Masters victory two years later. Bubba’s well documented passion is one of the main reasons he has found so much success. While he is not always the most personable of pros, Watson’s ferocity and drive when...

How Do Golfers Get Ready For Tournaments?

Preparing for a golf tournament is often nothing more than a plane ride to the next location, but some golfers need time off to get ready for a major tournament that have a big impact on how they perform that season. The biggest tournaments pay a lot of money, and every golfer needs to have a plan that helps them get ready. Each golfer is different, but they all do something like this. Stay In Shape Golf is one of the most unique sports in the world because it has everyone from the larger man who walks as exercise to the young guys who work out in the gym every day at 5 am. A golfer must feel physically ready to walk the course, and all of them do some kind of exercise to get ready. Tiger Woods was the first to work out hard, but he is not the only one. Older guys tend to do walking, but they still feel physically ready to walk the course. Putt The short game is the most important part of anyone’s game. It is usually where people lose the most tournaments and the most money, and golfers need to be on a putting green really working at it. This means that they have to put in as much practice as possible, and they have to keep at it so that they can stay in practice. The short game can be lost quickly to opponents like Phil Mickelson. Driving Every golfer needs to know how to control their driver, and some golfers do not even use drivers anymore. They have to get...

Peyton Manning addresses retirement, HGH allegations

From Yahoo Sports: Despite the chatter, Peyton Manning insists he has not made a decision about his future. The Denver Broncos’ quarterback was asked point blank at Super Bowl Opening Night if he plans to retire after Super Bowl 50, but he told NFL Network’s Marshall Faulk that he hasn’t decided and is focused on Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers. “I don’t know the answer to that,” Manning said to Faulk’s question. “I think one thing I’ve done well all season and the team has done well all season is stay in the moment and focus on the task at hand.” Manning later told reporters he didn’t “see himself knowing” about retirement until after the season. See the video...

Hawks’ Al Horford expanding his game as free agency looms

From Yahoo Sports: The NBA’s star-studded free-agent class this summer could include LeBron James and Kevin Durant, yet Atlanta Hawksbig man Al Horford is confident he won’t get lost in the crowd. The nine-year veteran has had a solid career, averaging 14.3 points and nine rebounds per game. Yet he hasn’t stopped expanding his game. “The NBA game is changing a lot,” Horford, 29, told Yahoo Sports. “I know everyone always says that, but especially these past three seasons I feel like it changed even more. For me, I’m in the process of re-changing some aspects of my game to fit this new mold. It’s kind of forcing me to do some things that I haven’t done in the past. “As you probably have seen, I’m shooting more from 3-point range. I’m making sure I penetrate more to the basket. Little things you need to be able to do in the new NBA.” Horford is averaging 15.2 points, seven rebounds and three assists through 49 games this season and is taking a career-high three 3-pointers per game. He’s shooting a respectable 33.1 percent from long distance, hitting 48 of 145 attempts after making a career-high 11 3-pointers last year. Horford, a three-time All-Star, is making $12 million in the final year of his contract and will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason. Atlanta can offer Horford a maximum five-year, $146 million contract, which Horford is seeking, a source told Yahoo Sports. Read the full story...

Advantages of being in the PGA Tour

Being on the PGA tour is one of the best things that can happen to a golfer. People do not need to be the best golfer in the world to make money on the tour, and they do not need to be superstars to do well. There are stars who are making millions of dollars a year, but a golfer who is already on the tour is still going to be able to make up to a million dollars just by making the cuts at every tournament. Setting The Schedule Every golfer gets to pick their own schedule. They know how much money they can make at each stop of the tour, and they know where they want to go to play tournaments. Even the best golfers may have a hard time winning even one tournament, but placing well in every tournament is going to mean cash for that golfer. A fat paycheck every week for a few rounds of golf is not bad. The Travel PGA golfers such as tour pro Phil Mickelson can travel all over the world if they want to. They can go over to play tournaments in Europe and Asia, and they can travel the whole country to the events that they want to play in. The majors are going to offer invitations to certain people based on whether they have won or not, and they may give exemptions for people who are going to need one to get in. Playing in the majors is a once in a lifetime experience, and it is going to be amazing for the people who play them the...

Foam Bans Don’t Make Sense

The recycling centers that move into these communities are going to help everyone, and like the foam ban in New York, the bans will no longer be necessary.

Economic Impact Of The PGA Tour

Businesses such as grocery stores, souvenir shops, and others of the sort see a boom in business. People need to shop while they’re at the PGA Tour. They are going to need groceries. They might need clothing essentials. Many will also want to purchase trinkets to take home to family members and to remember Phil Mickelson.

Surfing to Sustainability

A lab in San Deigo California is coming up with a way to keep our blue planet a little bluer by creating surfboards out of algae. Surfing is an activity that millions of people partake in every year without thinking that it might have a negative impact on the environment. One scientist, Steve Mayfield, is taking just that environmental impact into consideration. Steve Mayfield is part of an agency called Sustainable Surf, whose intends to use recycled polystyrene in a campaign called Waste to Waves. By taking recycled polystyrene foam and re-purposing it, cores for surfboards can be produced. These recycled polystyrene surfboards are making an impact on the environment in a more beneficial manner than the Hawaii foam ban that has been proposed. Each day, individuals throw away multiple sources of polystyrene without thinking about it: a plastic fork, a coffee cup from your favorite coffee chain, the packing materials used in shipping. Polystyrene is a material that we are used to in our every days lives, but we never think of how it might be re-purposed. More than that, however, is the fact that we don’t think about the impact that it might make to the environment by using the product in a recycled manner to keep landfills clear and the ocean clean from waste that is thrown into the blue waters. Steve Mayfield and Sustainable Surf have thought about this. With these recycled foam boards in tandem with the Algae boards that are being created by Sustainable Surf, there is an impact in the ocean and in the world. Hawaii foam boards and algae boards alike will...

An Investment Banker Has Become A Friendly Activist

Activism in the business community usually happens through takeovers, and there are many people in the business world who prefer to buy into companies that are going to give them a voice. Cliff Robbins is someone who has decided to take a different direction in his own activism as he makes deals with companies like RJR Nabisco to make change in the world. Robbins is an activist in the business community, but he is able to be an activist who is working with boards of directors to make changes to the companies from within. Activists who are working on the outside rarely have any impact because they are standing on the outside looking in. There are activists in the business community who just take over, but Robbins thinks it is going to be much easier to make a change while he is sitting in the boardroom. Creative activism works well in the accounting world because the people in these businesses are going to see returns that were not previously going to happen. The world of businesses and finance speaks to people who get results, and activists who are getting results are going to be easier to listen to than someone who is just taking over. The infamous character Gordon Gecko publicly destroyed his opponents in a board meeting in the movie Wall Street, and he continued to do so in the sequel. That kind of activism is giving way to someone who is willing to politely ask for change while showing what change can do. There are still many activists out there who write with poison pens, but people like...

Great College Lacrosse Programs

Loyola’s record-winning men’s and women’s lacrosse teams now compete in the Patriot League–previously the men were in the ECAC Lacrosse League and the women in the Big East Conference. Of the 17 varsity teams and 22 club teams at Loyola, the lacrosse teams are particularly noteworthy. With players like Sean Hecker leading the Greyhounds, both the men’s and women’s teams have enjoyed high rankings over the past several years. Additionally, both have appeared in numerous NCAA tournaments and the men’s lacrosse team won the NCAA Division I National Championship in 2012.

Skiing in the Beartooth Mountains

Skiing in the Beartooth Mountains

The camp was originally started in mid-1960 by Austrians and has expanded today to become one of the oldest training camps in the United States. Today the camp is owned by Kurt Hallok and Austin Hart and is co-owned by David Leuschen. May 23rd, 2015 is going to be the opening day this year for the Red Lodge International Summer Racing Camp! This summer’s calendar is booked through July with various races and competitions for the camp attendees to participate in.

Turnberry Isle Miami Features Spectacular Golf

Turnberry Isle Miami Features Spectacular Golf

When Turnberry Associates’ Jeffrey Soffer, of Miami, Florida, presented his plans for refreshing Turnberry Isle Miami, he thought outside the box. More precisely, Soffer also looked outside just the resort’s rooms, restaurants and meeting facilities to enhance Turnberry Isles’ two championship golf courses.

Winter Equestrian Festival

Winter Equestrian Festival

Tori Colvin of Loxahatchee and Ovation won the EnTrust Capital Small Junior Hunter 16-17 class. Paris Sellon won the 1.45-meter speed class with Jessica Springsteen following in a close second. Their times were a mere forty-seven milliseconds apart, but in close competition it is trivial to be the fastest out there. The biggest cash prize went to Hardin Towell and Lucifer V. They won the Ruby et Violette WEF Challenge Cup, which earned them a prize of $125,000. The pair beat out seventeen other jumpers with a clear round in 38.21 seconds.